Assistive Technology: Xbox Adaptive Controller

Released in late 2018, Xbox Adaptive Controller is a customizable controller designed primarily to meet the needs of gamers with limited mobility. The Adaptive Controller is not aimed at a specific disability but provides a flexible hub for additional input devices and make gaming more accessible.

Atomic Design – a methodology for creating design systems

Atomic design coined by Brad frost is a methodology for creating design systems. It is the methodology that can accelerate the process of creating modular designs. This methodology analyzes the relationships between the different parts of the system and how they interrelate using chemistry as a metaphor.

Quantitative Usability Testing in IBM Watson Health

  Introduction We love to measure things. It is our way to understand how good or bad something is. Numbers help to evaluate the situation in a quick and easy manner. In this post, I summarized the responses to my six questions related to quantitative usability testing focusing on the real world methods and cases …

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Design Critique: Winc(iPhone App)

Introduction Winc is an iOS app I use to order wine online. Users take their simple 6-question Palate Profile Quiz and Discover their personalized wine recommendations. The selected wine will be delivered per month. Users can use the app to: Sign up/Sign in Manage membership Discover personalized wine recommendations Customize orders Ship box immediately Rate …

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