Design Critique: Wodify (iOS App)

Wodify is a membership management and performance tracking system designed specifically for local CrossFit gyms (aka “boxes”) and its athletes. Apart from providing a comprehensive membership database, Wodify also allows owners of the gym to handle billing and payment, schedule and maintain classes. Athletes, on the other hand, can use its mobile application to check the workout of the day, register for a class, pay for their membership, record their performance and nutrition and compete with other athletes.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique-NJ Transit (MyBus & Trip Planner)


The NJ Transit Mobile App provides an easy way to make travel plans, buy and display passes and tickets, and get transit information. Overall, the application is useful for most of users. But the first time I use this app, I feel like the application is not easy for me to use. This article aims to evaluate the “MyBus” and “Trip Planner” function in NJ Transit from a perspective of first time user and then provide a research strategy to improve it.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique – Swiggy [iOS App]


Swiggy is a food-delivery app providing seamless food ordering and delivery on-the-go in the Indian market currently. The user/customer is allowed to make a purchase of food through the app from the restaurants available and open near them (or atleast in the range of the delivery guy).

The branding is primarily focussed around the colour “orange” & their logo, which quite resembles the icon for a “location/delivery”.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: LinkedIn Profiles in “Edit” Mode

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool, and the LinkedIn profile is a commonly-used, linkable online alternative for the traditional resume. The goal is to create and edit a “strong” profile that will generate interest in the user as a candidate for employers.


“Profile Strength” panel provides a good conceptual model

The “Profile Strength” indicator has understandability: it fills up (like water in a tank) as the user improves the effectiveness of their resume, and is reinforced by the accompaniment of a ranking term.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Mint (iOS app)

Mint is a personal financial program in which users can easily manage money and make their budgets. Users can link all of their accounts like different banks’ accounts and credit cards into this one program. It is a free money manager and financial tracker system. Mint has desktop, tablet and mobile versions The mobile iOS app has some positive and negative features..… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Countable

Countable offers the American public a service to keep better track their government, their tag line being, “Your government, made simple”. Countable provides users with clear summaries of upcoming and active legislation. They offer services such as a streamlined process for users to voice opinions to their representatives and  a way to keep track of how representatives are voting.Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Brooklyn Public Library – Immigrant Services

Brooklyn Public Library’s Immigrant Services page provides access to the library’s resources including social workers, legal aid, and printable documents. The homepage uses graphics, text in 21 languages, and paths to and from related pages throughout BPL’s website. BPL’s institutional pride is providing comprehensive community services and universal accessibility. The opportunity to utilize “radical innovation” (p.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Google Hangout (Android app)

Google Hangout is a powerful communication platform that combines instant messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP into one application. Google Hangout, coupled with its companion VOIP application, Hangout Dialer, is the most frequently used application on my smartphone. For those who are unfamiliar, VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Hangout integrates Google Voice, a former voicemail application, also developed by Google, to give its user a telephone number.… Continue Reading »

Design Critique: Etsy Website


Etsy is an online marketplace where people can set up digital shops and sell custom and self-made items. This critique is based on the customer’s perspective of purchasing an item through Etsy and is based on the online website and will not take into consideration the mobile app. This critique will review specifically the search page, item page, and shop page.… Continue Reading »