Design Critique: Relay Delivery App (rider side)

relay app logo

Relay is an independent courier company who contracts directly with restaurants, liquor stores, among others. They manage all the delivery system for the restaurant through an app, and having the riders available all over the areas of operation. Thus, the riders can pick up the food and delivery it as soon as possible. Relay operates …

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Design Critique: Apple Music (iOS App)

Apple music is Apple’s native music subscription-based streaming service that aims to help users discover new music and listen to music that they already know and love. The app is a modern replacement to Apple’s iconic iTunes system and marks their shift in focus from enabling music purchasing to streaming from a large music library.

Design Critique: Mapping Inequality Project

Mapping Inequality’s project page features a white map of the U.S. with circles of varying sizes that are all a combination of green, blue, yellow, and red. However, the proportion of each of these colors is different from circle to circle. At the top of the screen is a navigation bar with the project title …

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Design Critique: Polaroid (IOS Application)

Polaroid APP is an application that allows Polaroid camera users to connect their cameras to the application via Bluetooth. It includes the functions of taking photos with various modes, integrating physical camera tools, applying creative tools to edit the photo, and printing photos out.

Design Critique – Podcasts (Apple desktop app)

This Apple system application serves as a platform for users to access Podcasts, born digital audio programs streamed or downloaded from the internet. This article examines some of the in-built app’s (Version 1.1.0)features, specifically the exploration options, from a usability perspective. Listen NowThis landing page serves to introduce users to the application and present them …

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Design Critique: Amazon Music (iOS App)

Amazon Music App is a music and podcast streaming platform known for its high-quality music. It was developed by Amazon and launched in 2007. Amazon Music App is available in three tiers: Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music Prime, and Amazon Music Free. This article critiques the album page, player page and queue page of the …

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Design Critique: (Desktop Website) 

ADPList is a free mentorship platform that allows Mentees to connect and learn from Mentors in various fields, virtually. Mentors of varying levels of expertise volunteer to help spread knowledge to the community through this platform. This critique is an evaluation of their website based on Don Norman’s book “The Design of Everyday Things”.

Design Critique: Jobs on LinkedIn (iOS app)

Linkedin is a networking platform that connects professionals across various fields and doubles as a job portal with thousands of opportunities posted every hour with 310 million active users every month (source). This critique focuses on the iOS app in dark mode, app version 9.24.2093

Design Critique: Rover (iOS App)

Rover is an iOS app that allows users to find trusted caretakers for their pets. The services include doggy daycare, dog walking, drop-in checks, and pet sitting. The primary core functions of the app are its use as a messaging platform between customers and sitters and its booking capabilities.  Overview While Rover is not the …

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Design Critique: Forest (iOS App)

Forest is one of the most popular self-help mobile applications, which helps users focus and avoid distracting scrolling. The main idea is quite simple — users plant virtual plants that will grow during their selected focusing time. Exiting the app or stopping the timer will lead to a shriveled plant that cannot be removed from …

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