Local Projects designed interactive table surfaces to work in tandem with The Pen. Photo Credit: Ed Blake

My Favorite Method (Which Perhaps is Arguably Not Even a Method): An Interview with Christina Latina, Art Director, Local Projects

Local Projects, one of the earliest self-described experience design studios, is responsible for the successful facilitation of the abstract experiences of emotion, memory, and social connection. How then, does Local Projects continue to make successful design decisions while relying almost entirely on qualitative feedback? The answer, it seems, is a familiar one: it depends. I spoke with Christina Latina, Art Director at Local Projects about what goes into taking projects from ideation to their final forms.… Continue Reading »

UX in the United Nations Development Programme


Hubert Uy is the User Experience Lead at the United Nations Development Programme. He shares with us how User Experience design within the United Nations differs from startups and design agencies. He gives us insights on the U.N.’s bureaucratic evaluation processes, as well as the different design and usability challenges that they face.



Hubert Uy is the User Experience Lead at the United Nations Development Programme.… Continue Reading »

Expert Voices: Diana Sapanaro

I talked to Diana Sapanaro, UX Researcher and Strategist at SoundingBox. The conversation below has been paraphrased from a phone interview.

Tell me a bit about the work that you do. How did you get started in this field?

I went into library school thinking I was going to be an academic librarian, but I realized I was more interested in how people feel and think about tech.Continue Reading »

Expert Voices Interview: Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit

I sat down with Nadaleen Tempelman-Kluit, the Head of the NYU Libraries User Experience department, to discuss her work at NYU and the role UX design plays in her position.

KD: Your background is in academic librarianship. How did your career path bring you to UX?

NTK: Well, I’m still an academic librarian, so it sort of makes sense that I’m working for an academic library, but segueing into UX.Continue Reading »

Expert Voices Interview: Iris Bierlein

I interviewed Iris Bierlein, a UX Specialist with the NYU Libraries UX department .We discussed her role as a UX researcher, and her interest in qualitative research in particular.

KD: To what degree does your role as a UX Specialist allow you to commit time to research?

IB: I’m the lead on the qualitative research, so thinking about and designing research is a significant portion of what I do.Continue Reading »

An Interview with Courtney McGee- Content Strategist @ The New York Public Library

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

Sure. I went to high school in rural Michigan and, strangely enough, we had an amazing technology program there. I got involved with video production and making daily news announcements. I also got involved with Photoshop and web design. I was learning really great skills that you wouldn’t necessarily think would be happening in the early 90s in rural Michigan.… Continue Reading »

Interview with a UX Expert

This interview was a part of an assignment for class where I had to interview an UX Professional to gain insights into the work environment, UX process followed in the industry and what does the future hold for UX professionals. I’d like to thank Mr. Varun Gupta for the interview, who was very patient enough to answer all my questions.… Continue Reading »

Expert Voices: A View From the Top with Fabrizio La Rocca

Fabrizio LaRocca is the Vice President for Corporate Design at Penguin Random House. With a 30-year career spanning print and digital publishing while leading a team of UX and visual designers, I got a chance to speak with Fabrizio about how he got started in publishing, career milestones, putting customers first, and communicating design ideas for such an iconic brand as Penguin Random House.… Continue Reading »