Intensive Ambulatory Care Program

Nowadays, people live in a longer life. However, many of the elderly people suffered from chronic disease, such as diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, etc. The Intensive Ambulatory Care program was designed by Phillips Healthcare team and it for managing the patient’s condition both in hospital and home.

The design combines leading telehealth technologies which monitor and educate patients with a patient portal (eCare companion patient app).… Continue Reading »

Research in the Real World: Talking with Frank Lockwood of 360i

I talked with Frank Lockwood – Group Director, Experience Design at 360i – about his entry into UX, his methods of research, workflows and strategies for achieving true user-centric experiences.

How did you get into the UX field?

My degree is in Visual Communications (Art Direction). While I was in college I taught myself front-end development and started my career as a double hatted designer and front-end developer.… Continue Reading »

What is the role of UX design: A conversation with a UX designer

I interviewed a UX designer recently. He has been in UX field for many years both in China and UX. He was kind enough to speak with me about his experience and design philosophy and also give me some ideas of how to finding a internship in UX field.

Tell me how you entered the field of user experience design?Continue Reading »

Meet Antoinette Colaizzi, A Champion for the User

As a UX Researcher and Strategist, Antoinette Colaizzi has over 20 years in the field leading design and research efforts for Web-based, mobile, and desktop applications.  She is currently a managing consultant at IBM Watson Health and an IBfeature-2M Design Thinking practitioner.  We spoke recently about her career journey from systems engineer through the early days of “usability”, and the path to User Experience.  Continue Reading »

Putting the Reader First: A Conversation with Dante Meick


I recently sat down with Dante Meick, lead designer at Atlantic Re: think, the creative marketing department of Atlantic Media, publisher of The Atlantic magazine. As technology evolved, Dante learned the UX tools that would allow him to optimize digital experiences and other mobile products that give their users the best possible interaction with content.

Karen: Tell me what you do?Continue Reading »

User Research VS. UX Design


I interviewed a UX designer who is working in a cloud computing company which is providing services to other enterprises. The interview lasted for 18 minutes, from the interview, I learned how a UX designer work in a typical day, what’s the role of a UX designer in his company, the challenges a UX designer faced, and how UX designer communicate with users, etc.… Continue Reading »

Asking Why: A Conversation with Faith Bolliger

efcf0a9b-20ed-43d9-91a1-7e8e02923886Faith Bolliger is the Head of Service Design at AKQA, a global design agency with offices in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Faith began her career in UX fifteen years ago and, over the years, she has held a variety of in-house and agency positions in both New York City and San Francisco. Faith was kind enough to speak with me recently about her experiences working in UX, the skills she feels young UX designers should have, and some of the opportunities and challenges facing the UX community today.Continue Reading »

From Analog to Digital: A Conversation with Laurie Sadow

LaurieLaurie Sadow is an UX strategist and researcher with over 30 years of experience.  She began her career learning graphic design with a focus on print.  As technology evolved, she learned the UX tools that would allow her to focus on her true passion – optimizing digital channels and products designed for the user to have the best possible interaction

How did you end up at the job you work in today?Continue Reading »

Crusader for Usability Testing: A Conversation with Dave Lumerman


“People understand the concept, but they don’t understand that it has to be done.” 

I recently sat down with Dave Lumerman, the in-house usability tester at New York Life. Over the 15 years he’s been with the company, he’s evolved into user-tester after a career in animation, advertising illustration and web publishing. His approach has always been user- focused.Continue Reading »

UX and Happiness: An Interview with Pamela Pavliscak


Pamela Pavliscak is a design researcher who specializes in emotional intelligence and positive design. She is the founder of Change Sciences, a research think tank that investigates the way people experience technology in order to ensure that client companies provide the most positive experiences possible. She is currently writing a book, Designing for Happiness, to be published later this year.… Continue Reading »