Task Analysis. How & Why?

UX design is all about iteration. Sometimes we may impress by some awesome products with longevity history. They improve their system based on users’ need. Sometimes they also solve the problem and make the dead product or brand come back to life. For an old and high reputation product, it is really hard to make …

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What’s the design system? How can you start?

A great digital product isn’t built in a short period of time. However, it requires several communications across the team and adapts in many iterations. As a UX professions, you may wonder are there any techniques or tools that help this process more efficient and also results in better outcome? Design system is a methodology …

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Diary Study -A way to extend UX research

What is a diary study? A diary study is a daily log of activities that you get a user to keep over an extended period of time. Users might need to take photos or videos to explain their activities and highlight things that stood out to them across the course of their day. We run …

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A Secret Weapon to Enhance UX: Microcopy

Microcopy might be a relatively strange term for many people. Even designers know what it means, microcopy is easy to be overlooked in the design process. However Microcopy is everywhere in our digital product. From the label on a call-to-action button, to the pop-up message on a certain interface, designers use it involuntarily as a …

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User Journey Mapping: Walking in your User’s Shoes

Journey-driven transformation is a powerful, end-to-end approach for creating exceptional “customer experiences” that drive revenue, profitability, and sustainable competitive advantage. As said by Ann Lewnes, EVP and CMO of Adobe: The term ‘customer experience’ won’t exist in the organization of the future. It will be so deeply entrenched in a company’s product, process, and culture that …

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Does It Make You Happy: Measuring User Experience

User Experience is a concept that has not been lucidly depicted anywhere over the cyber space. In commerce, user experience is a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, system or service. Do you want your website, application or product to be super successful? How can you measure user experience? Why do you need to measure user experience?

Measuring User Experience with the Goals-Signals-Metrics Process

When measuring user experience, how can we decide which specific metrics to implement and track to make data-informed decisions? The Goal-Signal-Metrics Process is a powerful tool to map product/feature goals to specific metrics, allowing the product team to focus only on the most useful metrics relates to the product/feature.

Value Propositions Canvas

UX design is all about creating a great experience for users. Doing user research and knowing what users want is important. At the same time, Value Proposition plays an important role in a successful product or business. A value proposition promises the value of the product will deliver. It defines the first step of telling …

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