Flux Factory: A Story of Usability Testing Study

THE PROBLEM Our client: Nat Roe (executive director @ Flux Factory) Who we are: a group of 5 graduate students attending an usability course at Pratt Institute. Problem: choosing which area of Flux Factory’s website to test out. Flux Factory is a mainly not-for-profit arts organization (see Figure 1) aimed at providing emerging artists with …

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Improving current fan retention and new fan conversion on USA Rugby

IntroductionWe believe that USA rugby plays a major role in boosting the sports fan community in the United States.One approach to do this is to add the most skillful rugby athletes to their roster; each one must set an example of a player with sufficient abilities. We employed web analytics techniques in this analysis to learn …

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Increasing post-pandemic participation in USA Rugby’s events

Overview USA Rugby is the national governing body of the sport in America. With over 3000 clubs active in all 50 states, USA Rugby’s website is the front door for people of any age or location accessing information related to events, matches, membership, and more. The non-profit organization hoped to gather behavioral insights as the …

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Design Critique: Pocket Casts (iOS)

Pocket Casts image

Pocket Casts is a podcast application designed for discovering, managing, and listening to podcasts. It is available on multiple platforms, but this design critique will focus on the iOS app. When opening the Pocket Casts app, the default view is of the user’s podcast subscriptions. The 3 dots in the upper right corner provide the …

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Design Critique: Petco (Mobile App)

Petco is an American pet retailer selling pet food, products, and services. The Petco app is designed to expertly help pet owners pamper their pets both online and in stores. The mobile application provides pickup and delivery service and pet owners can manage and track their pet’s complete health and needs, they can also book …

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Design Critique: Weather App (iPhone app)

The iOS weather application has become ingrained in many iPhone users morning routines and daily lives. The weather app provides users with information about the temperature, air quality, forecast, wind speed, etc of a specific location. With a just a few taps a user can quickly digest the weather related information they are seeking due …

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Design Critique: HelloTalk (Android App)

HelloTalk logo

HelloTalk is a language learning and language exchange app that connects language learners with native speakers on their mobile devices. Users can post Moments to share and ask questions about language/culture. The app also serves as a messaging application that allows users to send text messages, make video and voice calls, and share attachments and user location. In this post, I will be taking concepts from Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things to examine the app in more detail.

Design Critique: Shazam (iPhone App Version 15.3)

Shazam is a very popular free music discovery app which can search for music, videos, playlists & artists, either by using a short sample of the music or the text search feature in the app. Although this app is available across several platforms, this design critique is based on the iOS app (version 15.3).

Design Critique: Co-Star (iPhone App)

Co-Star is a popular astrology app for Gen Z (18-25 in the US) iPhone users, for it’s ability to provide easy to digest birth charts, advice for the day based on your planet transits, and a social aspect to compare and contrast charts with your added friends. (It should be noted that these daily horoscopes have been criticized for promoting negativity in users in the past.)

Design Critique: Shazam (iOS)

A hand holds a smartphone with the Shazam app open

Shazam is a music discovery app that allows users to identify recorded audio in mere seconds. In addition to surfacing song titles, artist information, time-synced lyrics, and music videos, Shazam offers Spotify and Apple Music integrations so that identified tracks can be saved to playlists.