New Summer 2015 Course: Advanced User Experience Design

I’m excited to announce a new course I’ll be teaching this summer called “Advanced User Experience Design.” This course picks up from where LIS-643 Information Architecture and Interaction Design leaves off by going into greater depth about the core skills of UX design, including fundamentals of information and visual/communications design, advanced wireframing techniques and user journey …

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Microinteractions: Small Scope, Big Impact

Microinteractions are the individual tasks within designs –something like signing up for an account, moments that tend to be invisible unless something goes wrong. The discussion on the subject comes from Dan Saffner, author of the book on the subject, and it is focused on the idea that these small details are crucial to successful …

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Material Design

”Material design is a visual language synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” Google uses material design to guide the interaction and interfaces in their apps, mobile and web-based, and makes the standards available for other android app developers. Material design was unveiled in summer 2014 …

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Repertory Grid Interviews as a UX Method

The Repertory Grid Interview (RGI) is a technique related to Personal Construct Theory (PCT)—both were developed by George Kelly in 1955 in order to explore people’s conceptions of their relationships with others. PCT centers on the idea that every individual perceives the world based on constructs created from his or her unique experiences and understandings. …

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Columbia Digital Library Collections Cognitive Walkthrough Usability Evaluation

In Spring 2015, two students from my Usability Theory & Practice course (LIS 644) at Pratt Institute conducted separate cognitive walkthrough usability evaluations of a beta version of the Columbia Digital Library Collections interface ( Student #1: Mike Benowitz Student #2: Andrew Ward Download Full Reports: Benowitz – Columbia DLC Cognitive Walkthrough Report (PDF) Ward – Columbia DLC Cognitive Walkthrough Report (PDF)