Assistive Technology: GOOGLE LOOKOUT- Assisted vision

Google Lookout, an innovative assistive technology application developed by Google, offers enhanced vision support to individuals facing visual impairments, encompassing blindness and low vision. This free Android app employs the capabilities of AI and image recognition technology to identify objects and read text using the smartphone’s camera, making it an invaluable tool for those with visual challenges.

Google Lookout is separated into six modes based on the activity:

In Explore Mode, Google Lookout assists users in comprehending their surroundings by offering spoken feedback regarding nearby objects, obstacles, and scene descriptions, aiding them in navigating unfamiliar environments. Additionally, it can identify objects in the camera’s view and provide details about their distance or placement.

In Currency Mode, Google Lookout assists users in identifying currency when presented to the camera, distinguishing different denominations of banknotes. It helps users in handling money and making financial transactions more independently.

In Food Label Mode, Google Lookout serves the purpose of product identification, specifically designed for identifying food items and their labels, this mode helps users access information about packaged foods, including ingredients, nutritional facts, and cooking instructions, allowing users to access product information and make informed shopping decisions autonomously. For people who have food intolerances/allergies, it’s critical for them to read the food labels of various products. This feature is available in more than 20 countries.

Text mode is ideal for facilitating the immediate reading of text and understanding documents, signs, or other text in the environment. Use Text mode to quickly skim the text and hear it read aloud — for doing things like sorting mail and reading signs.

Document mode is a versatile tool for users,  it enables users to capture and store printed documents for later reference, making it a valuable resource for accessing and comprehending written materials such as books or paperwork.

Use Images mode to describe the contents of an image. The new Image Q&A feature offers a detailed description of images plus the ability to ask questions via voice and text.

Accessibility: Lookout is designed with accessibility, it is available in more than 20 languages. It is also designed to be used without needing to hold the phone constantly. Users can wear it on a lanyard or in a pocket, allowing for a more seamless and hands-free experience.

Overall, The Google Lookout app is a practical tool that uses a smartphone’s camera and AI algorithms to help people who are blind or who have low vision to identify objects, read text, and recognize important information, and navigate the world around them. It provides auditory feedback, makes the world’s information accessible to the blind and low-vision community,