Assistive Technology: Google Pixel Buds Pro

The Google Pixel Buds Pro are wireless earbuds designed to cater to the user’s needs, featuring user-friendly touch controls, an integrated microphone, Google Assistant integration, and active noise cancellation.

In a buzzing world in which all of our senses are bombarded with information, the Google Pixel Buds Pro provides its users with greater control over what kind of information they engage with during their daily routines. While not marketed for any specific groups of people, the Google Pixel Buds hits all the marks of an accessible product.

Utility and Usability

The Pixel Buds Pro is a sound-assistive technology designed not to enhance one’s hearing but to manage and control external noise input. The main market feature is its new and improved active noise cancellation feature. Activated by a simple touch or control remotely through one cell device, the noise cancellation feature subdues all surrounding sound.
Whether you’re seeking to silence a loud roommate or dial down the overwhelming cacophony of a busy city, Pixel provides precise volume control at your fingertips with a simple touch. This technology is incredibly versatile and benefits a broad spectrum of individuals, from students aiming to concentrate in a bustling library to professionals focused on their latest work projects, as well as individuals with sensory challenges, including those on the Autism spectrum or those dealing with sensory processing disorders.

Accessibility and Capability

Compact and stylish, this product is easily storable and boasts an impressive battery life of over 11 hours. Although it relies on touch, making it inaccessible to individuals who cannot use their hands, the Google Pixel Buds come equipped with features that can address this limitation. The earbuds include a built-in microphone and come with an integrated Google Assistant, enabling voice control functionality. This means you can receive calls, ask for directions, respond to texts, and control your music or sound cancellation, all hands-free. This device is also wireless allowing for adaptability. It can connect to a wide variety of devices such as computers, phones, tablets, or any device that has Bluetooth. These buds are even compatible with Apple products but the experience will be limited. Thus this device product does work best with Android products.

Affordability and Desirability

Gone are bulky and bland headphones, the Google Pixel Bud Pro is designed to be small, sleek, and stylish. Available in a wide variety of colors, the buds can adapt to any user’s aesthetic needs. Though the price of these buds is not so small. At the Google store, it can be bought for around 200 dollars, or discounted on Amazon for around 180 dollars. The price of this design can limit its accessibility to some users. Its design can also pose limitations. For instance, individuals with sensitive ears or specific touch-related sensory challenges may not find the bud design suitable for their needs.


The Google Pixel Buds are marketed to busy business gurus to busy to use their hands who prioritize seamlessness and control, rather than individuals with disabilities. Even so, the features of this product can prove useful to those who may have difficulty filtering out the excess noise of our world.