Elevating Artle through Enhanced Digital Interactions

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While the current game mode may be suitable for veteran players and those accustomed to similar games, it presents challenges for new players and may not align with their comprehension.

We’ve introduced a new game mode, drawing inspiration from Hangman and Wordle, with the specific goal of improving the onboarding process for new players. In this mode, players are provided with the number of letters in the artist’s name, akin to Hangman, to help them get started with their guesses. After their initial attempt, they receive visual cues indicating which letters are correct, correctly placed, or incorrect, similar to the mechanics in Wordle.


Our recommendations were positively received by the clients, who appreciated our bold and creative approach. We emphasized the boldness of our suggestions, reflecting the bold feedback we received. In our final meeting, we dedicated time to assist the clients in brainstorming practical steps to implement our recommendations. We summarized the key takeaways from each recommendation discussed earlier. However, we regretted overlooking certain aspects within our scope due to our team’s focus on challenges outside of it. We hope the clients will consider exploring these missed areas in the future.


  • Only 1 participant successfully completed the game
  • 2 participants did not successful complete task 2