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America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) has long separated itself from its Food Network siblings by its serious approach to cooking and a rich, subscription website. The experience is close to seamless as users are able to access and watch familiar television episodes and the tone of voice mirrors the on-air relationship that the ATK conveys. While

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Relax or Stress?,,, and many other vacation rental websites have expanded the universe of what is available to travellers and what travellers expect on vacation. User experience and how users interact with a booking website and the vacation experience means that homeowners wanting to earn passive income need to be aware of who their users

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Educational and Inspirational delivers a successful user experience, clearly identifying it as a passion-pursuit website by Leyla Torres aimed at teaching and sharing the joys of origami. There’s room for improvement, but even as is, provides an enjoyable experience that makes users want to return. clearly understands its users, which, according to Jesse James Garrett*

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Crusader for Usability Testing: A Conversation with Dave Lumerman

“People understand the concept, but they don’t understand that it has to be done.”  I recently sat down with Dave Lumerman, the in-house usability tester at New York Life. Over the 15 years he’s been with the company, he’s evolved into user-tester after a career in animation, advertising illustration and web publishing. His approach has always been user-

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Design Critique: Council Central (New York Life Agency Portal)

Introduction Council Central is where the company’s 10,000 sales people can find all information on how to qualify for a sales Council meeting, where each meeting is held, registration and access to presentations post-meeting. It also contains promotional information on the location and activities. The initial launch was well received by the sales force and

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